Men and International Women’s Day

Why it is important for men to support IWD.

Globally Two thirds of men believe that Equality will not be achieved in my country unless men take actions to support womens rights

YET 50% of men think Men are being expected to do too much to help the fight for equality

These stats from IPSOS Mori IWD Annual Study show how much work there is still to do .

The actions that people feel would help achieve Equality are Equal Pay and Tougher laws to prevent harrassment and violence.

Of course these are important in their own right , but conveniently they are Government actions. By listing these as the priorities they also mean the respondents don’t have to do anything to change our own behaviour- its Government action that is required.

If you agree that these are important issues, then lets see more men taking a stand to support campaigns about global equal pay, and better laws, and also doing more to share childcare and housework.

Equality and Respect starts in the household

Published by chrisgreen

I was the Founder and for 15 years the Director of White Ribbon UK. Iwas alos a member of Council of Europe Task Force on Ending Violence against Women , and in 20013 appointed by Ban Ki Moon as a UN Leader of Men. In 2017 I was awarded an OBE by HM the Queen for services to Equality.

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