Privilege and Doing More to Change

Today from a friend’s facebook page : “2022 and women are still being told to shut up and sit down- Our voices are silenced and our injuries are minimised. Everyone turns a blind eye………… It isn’t normal and it isn’t how it should be ……. I am so so tired, and nothing has improved…..” AContinue reading “Privilege and Doing More to Change”

Men and Contraception

Contraception has been, and still remains, a massive stumbling block to equality. in the 1980’s I thought about the gendered nature of contraception and as a result had a vasectomy. It was quite unusual for young single men ( I was 24 ) to decide to take such an irreversible step. The average age ofContinue reading “Men and Contraception”

Men’s Pledges to End Violence against Women and Girls

For 16 years White Ribbon has been asking men to sign the pledge “Never commit, never excuse and never remain silent about mens violence against women” White Ribbon has recorded some 60,000 pledges. Sometimes men have added comments about why they are pledging. Each of the phrases below starts with the phrase: I want toContinue reading “Men’s Pledges to End Violence against Women and Girls”

Men as Allies : Getting Involvement

The flood of womens’ anger seen in the last week at a culture of male entitlement has led to a renewed call for men to do more to sort out men’s violence and a consequent increase in numbers of men looking to do that. The overwhelming reason to be involved in challenging male power andContinue reading “Men as Allies : Getting Involvement”

Men and Lap Dancing Clubs

Sex Entertainment Venues on the backfoot For the last 5 years I have attended the licensing committee of Calderdale to support the local Women’s Centre’s objections and to raise my own objections to the existence of the local lap dancing club. 30 Years ago I ran a creche for local women’s children while they wentContinue reading “Men and Lap Dancing Clubs”

Men and International Women’s Day

Why it is important for men to support IWD. Globally Two thirds of men believe that Equality will not be achieved in my country unless men take actions to support womens rights YET 50% of men think Men are being expected to do too much to help the fight for equality These stats from IPSOSContinue reading “Men and International Women’s Day”