Chris Green on Men and Sexism

My opinions about issues of the day, Men,Masculinity and Sexism

and how I as a man can start to make the world more respectful and equal.


Chris Green on Sexism

November 19-21st some of us are organising an online conference “Engage: masculinity, patriachy, feminism. “

Keep the dates free , and if you want to register please get in touch.

I have been working on anti sexist politics for more than 40 years.

I should have been working harder on it and challenging myself and others more.

I’m going to start writing about some of the stuff. All the blogs are short.

Men and Contraception

Contraception has been, and still remains, a massive stumbling block to equality. in the 1980’s I thought about the gendered nature of contraception and as a result had a vasectomy. It was quite unusual for young single men ( I was 24 ) to decide to take such an irreversible step. The average age ofContinue reading “Men and Contraception”

Men and Pornography

By 18, the overwhelming majority (89%) of young men are consuming porn. The majority (72%) consume porn from several times a week to daily. One third of all young people under the age of 12 have seen pornography. (source: Gail Dines , Culture Reframed. ) (Another survey quotes 50% have viewed by the age ofContinue reading “Men and Pornography”

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